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Thread: What to do with a PS3 3.55 kmeaw help?

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    Mto23 Guest

    What to do with a PS3 3.55 kmeaw help?

    Hello, first i want to excuse me about this silly question, i didn't follow the ps3 scene for the last 2 years and when i tried to get in pair i got overwhelmed by all these threads talking about new firmwares and procedures.

    I have a ps3 day one with 3.55 kmeaw on it, i was wondering if it is possible to me to update to another custom firmware to use new features (if any) or to go online with some game (mostly backups).

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    misiozol Guest
    1. OFW 3.55
    2. CFW 3.55
    3. Enable QA flag and check if it is enabled and delete enabler so you don't disable by mistake
    4. Dump EID key with eid key dumper it will help decrypt ps3 HDD in case of ps3 death so data can be retrieved, and transfer it to external usb drive
    5. Check if check sum is correct on downloaded update package and Install CFW of your choice rogero, rebug etc. 4.46
    6. Install corresponding to FW file manager of your choice multiman, iris etc.

    I did reply on other post form second page just skip no.1 and you are ready to go, BTW

    no.3 Is quite obvious use toggle_qa.pkg

    no.4, Download eEID_RKDumper.pkg , install it , then run it console will dump eid key to hdd in dev_hdd0/tmp/ it will be file 48b in size named eid_root_key use file manager like multiman and copy it to external hdd/flashdrive. It's important to do it while on 3.55cfw as it only works on 3.55 and that's it.

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    Mto23 Guest
    Thanks, so with this CFW 4.46 i'll be able to run every backup i run on 3.55 and plus i can go online ?

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    misiozol Guest
    Yes you can play backups up to date, and yes you can go On-line but is not a good idea as cfw and online NEVER went in pair, you ALWAYS risk getting banned and your account suspended without any particular reason choice is yours

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    Mto23 Guest
    Ok, i got

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