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Thread: What to do about no OtherOS Running Emu on PS3?

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    Firastorm Guest

    Question What to do about no OtherOS Running Emu on PS3?

    Hi. I'm a Dev noob but not to Emulation. I have one of the newer systems and with the new Firmware the option of installing another OS is obsolete. Is there some kind of work around that I can perform to get my PS3 to run SNES and PSX Emulators? What about PS2 Software Emulation as well?

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    Coolie4 Guest
    The only way to get a SNES emulator on the PS3 would be to use the hack files from when we used to use the memory card to hack the ps2. Unfortunately in order to do that your PS3 needs the ability to play the PS2 swap magic disc. So if you don't have PS2 support on your PS3 (and the newer systems don't have it right?) you can't do it.

    Thats why I'm glad I bought the Metal Gear Bundle when it was out

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    Pcsx2006 Guest
    Unfortunately otheros cant be installed if you have latest firmware. Snes and other emulators can only be run on ps2 backwards ps3's using swap magic or with linux and there is no other way till now.

    As far as ps2 software emulation it is enabled in launched models (20gb, 60gb, 80gb and all ps3's which has 4 usb ports) but ps2 software emulation on non backwards ps3's is impossible at the moment but it maybe possible in future if ps3 gets hacked.

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