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Thread: What is DBEMU.pkg and do I need it?

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    shield4life Guest

    What is DBEMU.pkg and do I need it?

    Was wondering what the DBemu.pkg do?

    I have multiman installed and everything seems to be working fine with the lvl 2 package. I do not launch the game directly, I launch it from the XMB. Haven't had any problems yet launching GT5 - NFSHP - Fight Night - Infamous - Star Wars etc...

    Do I need to install dbemu.pkg can someone explain what's this for in ENGLISH please (Noob here)?

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    bitsbubba Guest
    the BDEMU.pkg installs the payload into multiMAN to where you do not need to run the lv2 patcher everytime, install package once and never have to install again unless you delete multiMAN.

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    Starting in MultiMAN v01.16.00 the payload wasn't included for legal reasons, so when when running the BDEMU .PKG file (necessary the first time only) it will place the required BDEMU.BIN in the correct folder so that you can use nwer versions of Dean's OBM PS3 Mod.

    If you are using older versions then you don't need it as it was already integrated.

    Edit: Nice beating me with a reply bitsbubba and +Rep.

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    bitsbubba Guest
    thanks Boss, also BDEMU.pkg will work with direct boot, XMB start-disc/disc-less and select+X external (black screen games).

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    fallinprince Guest
    No you don't NEED it if your playing the games you want perfectly fine.

    however the BDEMU.pkg doesn't require you to run every boot (at least not on mine)

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