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    What are the consequences for using ps3proxy?

    Can sony find out that you used the ps3 proxy and ban your ps3 from the psn network?

    Can sony even find out that you used ps3 proxy?

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    As far as I know, the way things are going for Sony including the spreading of the Home closed beta, it would be a big mistake for Sony to start permanetly banning people for doing illegal stuff or anything really. (I guess they could temporary suspend people's accounts for doing illegal stuff, but that's up to them.)

    Sony can track your external IP, but they wouldn't be able to detect PS3 Proxy due to the fact that in is in your internal network, which Sony has no control over what you do.

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    if $ony wanted to they could see if you are using the proxy program because your firmware would be on a lower version to everybody else.

    But there is nothing they can do about it because you are not doing anything illeagal. If anything you are restricting the number updated thing's you can do with your PS3.

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