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Thread: What is Codename: Rebug help?

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    DudeWhat Guest

    What is Codename: Rebug help?

    Hi all, I've been using Kmeaw for a long time now and I've been wondering: just what the hell is Rebug?

    What does it do? What does spoofing do? Are there unique features not present in Kmeaw?

    Is there a screenshot option for games coded into the firmware?

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    It's another Custom Firmware for PS3, see the articles here for lots of information on it:

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Following up on what the boss said, if you only use your CFW to play games there is no need for Rebug CFW on your PS3. Also spoofing prevents you from accidentally updating, doesn't do anything else.

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    DudeWhat Guest
    Well that's disappointing, thought spoofing meant you could get back online with 3.55 faking like it was higher firmware.

    Oh well, I was hoping Rebug had something worth changing over, I've been waiting for some kind of screenshot function for awhile now.

    Okay, thanks guys. I had a hard time finding out exactly what Rebug did, I mean there's no FAQ around anywhere about it.

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