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    IndyColtsFan84 Guest

    What is the cheapest PSJailbreak Device Available?

    I'm looking for some info on the cheapest jailbreak device that will get the job done!

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    Yaddayadda Guest
    A Teensy or Teensy++ is the cheapest.

  3. #3
    enohand Guest
    droid incredible.. work just gave me one for free. so yeah, it was the cheapest!

  4. #4
    ianhard Guest
    the cheapest would be a diy pic18f2550 about $20 AUD.

  5. #5
    JAxXBOSS Guest
    TI-84 + silv from staples. 109 minus a 15 rebate= minus a 25 off coupon - minus a 60 ink rewards coupon minus a 40 ink rewards coupon = they pay me 31 bucks PLUS I have a nice calculator!


  6. #6
    aamir007 Guest
    A minimus avr usb dev board for 25 ($37.67) available from modtrader. co.uk

  7. #7
    mcwan Guest
    If you have an android phone already, its free, perhaps you have a ti-84 calculator aswell for college, free too. In my case i had both but using the calc is much easier so i got it for free. buying mobile phone just for this is a no-go tho.

  8. #8
    ogredeschnique Guest
    Same as mcwan: I used my Motorola Droid, which I already owned. Didn't spend any money.

  9. #9
    slippyjim Guest
    Definitely an Android phone, surely you must know someone who has one even if you don't.

  10. #10
    Boo1974 Guest
    DIY pic 2455 using the pspic2 schematic. About 8. +DIY art2003 programmer 3.

    11 first outlay, 8 thereafter

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