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Thread: What can I delete to free up PS3 internal space?

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    darksoulnoob Guest

    What can I delete to free up PS3 internal space?

    hi, what is : dev_hdd0/games and can i delete the larger files in there?

    Details: On file manager i can easily find and navigate the external drive easy but when I venture into the ps3 it all gets confusing :?

    I have a 80 gig fat ps3 which has never been online and has no music or films on it and now no games (that i can find) but I only have 25 gig of the 80 free????

    I looked in every folder and ran properties to get the size and I found: dev_hdd0/games which basically has my missing space filled with god knows what (one of the files in there are over 20gigs! and it looks like a tiny multiman symbol???)...

    so what are they all and can I delete them? or some of them (like the 20 gig ones) as i need the space urgently.

    please assist

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    Tross Guest
    It depends where you installed your games? since I've used different managers for years, I have 3 game folders, something like:

    gamez, games and games00

    From you PS3 menu, try and remove game data for games that you don't play anymore? I found that saved me some space, and I have 500g

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    darksoulnoob Guest
    ok i fixed it and this might help others too.

    I found that multiman will take the split files when running off the external and reform them on the internal (even though you are on the external) so when you are not playing those games it is worth deleting those giant files which in my case were 10 gig and 12 gig.
    Even if you want to play those games as long as they r on the internal they will run fine.

    you only need the multiman cache stuff is you are on external and they are split file games (which it will tell you in multiman next to the game title). I think this is right and it worked for me.

    thank you

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