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    I'm running my ps3 at 1080p via a DVI-D cable to my Dell 2407WFP screen.

    Pricey screen but it looks awesome

    Just got my DTS 5.1 decoder aswell today, so sound is via optical to a 5.1 set

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    What about that X2VGA 2 2.0 that supports 1080p? Wouldn't that upgrade an LCD tv with a resolution of 1366X768 to 1080p?

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    How do you know what resolution your tv is running at? The PS3 detected my maximum resolution at 1080i, so I just assume that is what it is playing at. From my documentation I have on my TV, it does not support 720p in anyway. I have my PS3 hooked up via DVI because that's the only option my TV has (no HDMI). It is an older (2003 model) Panasonic 47" HD projector screen. It supports 480i,480p, and 1080i only.

    Resistance looks awesome hooked up via 1080i and the DVI connection definitely looks better than the composite cables (monster from my ps2). I still have to use the OEM connection for audio to my surround sound. My setup is a few years old (2003) and I didn't know I needed optical audio at the time, so I have to run component cables to my surround sound system. Still sounds awesome. Everyone that comes over and sees the PS3 graphics is amazed. I have a friend with a XBOX 360 and LCD HDTV and he says mine looks better.

    By the way, my cable box only outputs 1080i, so the HD channels come in crisp and clear. I'm wondering if 1080p will ever be the standard. When you go to the store, you don't get to see a 1080p signal next to a 720p or 1080i. Most of them are running 720p mode. How can you tell what you are really going to see at your home on the PS3?. There are so many variables.

    I can tell you that my projection TV looks better than anything I ever see at any electronics store (no fuzzies, or bitmapped edges). I guess their signal is just too weak or they don't have it setup properly. I just haven't seen anything worth buying to make me switch. I do want a flat screen for my bedroom, but it's hard to make a choice with the uninformed salesman and so many choices with all of the specifications not posted at the store. what to do... :??

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    Most LCD/Plasma TV's actually only have a display capability of 1366 x 768 if you're talking about actual resolution. This is a physical limitation of the panel, there is no way around this. You cannot upgrade the max res of a screen without changing the panel.

    The firm i work for builds plasma screens/lcd's etc and the highest res one we sell is 1920 x 1080 and thats only for the 63 inch model. The 50, 46, 42, 40, 32 and 26 inch models are all 1366 x 768. As these are televions, you will find most tv's have a max res of 1366 x 768, however display panels or monitors always have a higher res.

    For instace, my 24 inch Dell 2407 runs at 1920 x 1200, supports 1080p. However, my 42" plasma supports 1080i, and runs at 1366 x 768.

    That make sense? If you need more detail i can go more in depth.

    Oh and rear projection > lcd mostly in terms of quality (DLP RP that is)

    As for a small ish flat panel for your room Phil I'd recommend the Dell 2407WFP or Samsung 244TT (Think thats the right name)

    Both 24 inch so big enough for most rooms, and yet fully 1080p capable.

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    Are you saying a 1920x1080p 40 lcd hdtv like sonys is see in the chain flyers are physically a 1366 x 768 with some sort of sofware work?

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    Can you give a specific example? i.e model number? I'll have a look about but generally no "tv's" have true 1920 x 1080 panels in.

    1080p in itself is a standard, representing how many pixels are meant to be on screen.

    If a screen is capable of accepting a 1080p signal, that doesn't mean that is what you will see on screen.

    Yes it will be high quality, and it'll look awesome, but not as good as a screen actually rendering 1920 x 1080

    edit: example...
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    samsung tvs are the best for your money

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    Oh in answer to the other question.

    The screens don't downscale the image using software, but they use a hardware scaler as far as i know. However, sometimes if the scaler on the vpu is a little slow this can result in lip sync issues. Thus why sometimes you need a video delay box.

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    Lets say the Sony BRAVIA XBR 40" 1080p Flat-Panel LCD HDTV
    for example.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WOWchamp View Post
    Theres a Westinghouse 37" 1080 flat LCD that supports true 1080p signals and doesn't just de-interlace 1080i signals for under $1500. A very good buy IMHO.
    this is what I have, it is full 1080p yes, 1920X1080 reso or whatever. However, when you turn on the ps3 the lcd often doesn't know wtf to do with the signal and you may have to turn off tv, switch from dvi 1 to svideo and back or start up a game. i have my user account set to auto log in and it usually starts playing a game and the tv picks the signal right up. i read this like a month ago it's a problem with hdcp handshaking or something? perhaps the firmware has been upgraded since, this would bother some but i don't really care.

    it rules though once it works. oh you will need an hdmi cable, hdmi>dvi connector, and since dvi doesn't do audio, you need like an optical cable going to say logitech surround sound, that's what i have at least. got all the parts (10 ft hdmi cable, 6 ft optical, adapter) for like 36 bucks on That's nothing considering like a 6ft monster (gaysauce) cable is like 70 bucks. not to mention monoprice's are hella better.

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