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Thread: Weird Problem with Sniper Elite v2 PS3 help?

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    ZeusCronos Guest

    Weird Problem with Sniper Elite v2 PS3 help?

    this is my Problem with Sniper elite v2, mi ps3 its on 4.21 Ita Dex, and when i launch the Game it boots, but when i Start the Campaign theres like a Glitch, even online, like this:

    any solutions?, and this happens always not sometimes. thanks in advance

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    PS3GAMER20111 Guest
    Try re-installing game updates. If glitch is still there, then try getting another Backup copy of this game.

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    ZeusCronos Guest
    Thanks for ur answer, i reinstalled the updates and its working!!!, lol sorry for my late answer!!, saludos

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