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    A way to make ps3 region free for video

    Hello, I am a new PS3 user and have a region 1 ps3 and live in malawi in africa, and we get our movies from all over the world.

    So is there a way to make my console region free?

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    Apr 2005
    Not yet. Check out some other posts for which countries you can buy from.

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    I thought its already region free?

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    Apr 2005
    Only for games, not most movies... same as the PSP.

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    For a region free workaround you can download the divx counterpart of the movie directly from the browser. Just be aware of the file extension you are downloading prolly .xvid, .avi, or .divx.

    Good Luck

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    Jul 2008
    Yeah I bought a PAL movie and it says it is not supported, maybe its due to the display.

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    I used SAK, ps3 video 9 and turned the m2ts stream to avc.

    did take 10 hours tho (Btw if any of you guys in the uk have a faulty Ps3 ring sony and they will swap it for you free)

    I bricked mine the other day, using the debug mode swap.

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    If you're going down the route of pc you could use a program like dvddecryper/dvdfab and remove the region from the disc and burn it.

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    Dvd region protection

    Did you try and get a dvd region x for ps2? it may also work with ps3!

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