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    [UnAnswered] A way to know PS3 firmware from the box?

    Is there a way to know which firmware is installed on a new boxed PS3 without opening the box, maybe from a code similar to the one of PSP's?

    Also, which fw version have new PS3's currently installed?

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    bought my ps3 about 3 weeks ago and it had 1.31 installed on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JuneyP16 View Post
    My Roommate bought his last wensday with 1.31 also, maybe we should take pictures of the barcodes and upload them.
    Very nice Idea, it could be very useful for so many people. I hope that any moderator stickies this thread and people help to fill the database...

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    There was a thread on this months back... we found out there is no way to tell the difference via box code, unlike the PSP.

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    IMO, it's pretty safe to go get urself a ps3 since nobody's buying it and it's been stocked for quite a while. at this point, u should be able to get one under 1.32.

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    Understood, thanks. Is there anybody who recently bought a Jap or USA ps3 and got a 1.5 fw or above preinstalled? :??

    It's important for me because i live in PAL territory and there is a shop who sell Jap PS3's from import, but there's no way to try them before buyng (in order to check fw version). If i can be ASSURED that they CANNOT be 1.5 or above, I'll buy one rght now, 'cause Europen PS3's will have 1.5 fw installed at least.

    Please help...

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    Firmware in new PS3

    I'm looking to buy a PS3. Does the PS3 that are in stores now have the updated firmware? Or is there a way of telling by looking at the serial numbers or something similar w/o opening the box?

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    as mentioned in this thread and many other threads before there is NO WAY to tell

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    PS3 Square Button PS3 Type and Region Code

    NTSC J (HK) installed firmware 1.02 date of purchase 23/02/2007. If others could add to this list the info would be much appreciated. On another note, Sony can tell the firmware version of the PS3 just from the browser, look at this:- x-ps3-browser: 1.00 (WP; system=1.02)

    I am also wondering if the WP is also some region coding. It may also be useful to have the update server it connects to so, I will add like this:- NTSC J (SA) (HK) installed firmware 1.02 date of purchase 23/02/2007.

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