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    spewfr Guest

    Watching a PS3 EBOOT run help?

    I'm trying to see the actual load structure of a game. Is there any way I can watch what is happening inside the PS3 while a game is running?

    The reason I want to watch how the game is loaded is because I want to see what all of the types of savegame data are.

    I know that there are these types of savegames for the game:

    Playersave (Contains options and user-specific data, like money amount, etc)
    Photos (Contains all of the pictures taken by the user)
    Stickers (Image files, like PNG, that are "stickered" onto cars)

    But I want to know if the game EBOOT looks for any other types of savedata.

    Any hints? All help is appreciated, and I will "thank" you for whatever you have to say

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    Liongooder Guest
    Whats up spewfr & sorry for the late reply, the EBOOT is the whole game in Hex Values

    If you mod these values properly you can control game like making your character invincible, unlimited ammo & health, if you wanna check an EBOOT you'll need a Hex editor program.

    If your planning on modifying an EBOOT you'll need to decrypt it first using CMP autotools.

    Here is a simple explaining:

    EBOOT.BIN decrypted = EBOOT.ELF (modify the ELF file) Encrypt = modded EBOOT.BIN

    so in general you can't directly mod an EBOOT.BIN you'll have to decrypt it to an EBOOT.ELF then modify & encrypt to EBOOT.BIN.

    i hope this helps.

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