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    Question Watching movies from pen drive on new PS3 help?


    How can i watch movies from my pen drive on a PS3 ? I have following PS3 - Sony PS3 12GB with Move Starter Pack & Move Game I tried to play some movies but it wont detect my pen drive. Pen drive works proper on windows xp with sp3. Can you also let me know list of movie formats PS3 supports like avi, mp4, mkv etc. ??

    I asked this question to Sony Support Forums, but they have still not made proper reply Even there given solution does not work.


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    try pressing triangle and selecting display all and they should show up hope this helped but knot sure about the formats.

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    That worked , just searching on how many formats are supportable now.

    I normally have .avi and .mkv files or my camera recordings, which are playable in sony pmb software.

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    also what format is your pen drive in fat32 or ntfs because it needs to be fat32

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    Basically, divx, xvid and mp4. mkv is not supported. If you want to play mkv, use PMS or UMS, it re-encodes to a format supported by the ps3 and streams over the network as a DLNA Media Server.

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    I was able to .mp4 files but .avi files are unable to play.

    What is PMS or UMS ?

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    Playstation Media Server or Universal Media Server are PC applications which strea stuff to PS3

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