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    tubbies Guest

    Lightbulb Watch .mkv on the PS3

    I am not sure if this has been posted before. And not too sure if it belongs here, but i cant yet post in the tutorials sub forum and I thought its kinda related to HDD =P

    I used tsMuxeR to convert the mkv to m2ts. Just in case its not permitted to post direct links here, google for the software.

    Launch tsMuxerGUI.exe.
    Click "add" and locate the mkv file.
    on the "Tracks" list, click on the track that has a "5.1" text on the track info
    tick the "Change level" checkbox, and from the dropdown pick 4.1
    and change output to "M2TS muxing"
    browse save directory if necessary and click "Start muxing"
    shouldnt take long, and the m2ts file is directly watchable in the PS3

    Hope it can be helpful

    oh 1 other thing. In my case, the file was a tad over 4GB. Since my FAT32 formatted ext hard drive wont take any files larger than 4GB i had to split the mkv video file before muxing. I used mkvtoolnix

    after installing the software, run "mkvmerge GUI"
    add the mkv files as above
    click on the "global" tab
    on the "splitting" menu, check "Enable splitting..."

    I split the file by using the "... after this size" option, you cant really pinpoint which frame you want to split it on... but as long as i can watch the mkv on the PS3, its good enough for me

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    bmwdude4 Guest
    or u can use a program called mkvTools.. it converts it to mp4 but it keeps the good quality. i convert them to mp4 (apple TV) and then put it on my ps3 and watch them on there and i have a big LCD tv and it comes thru like blu-ray.

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    Transient Guest
    Even better IMO is to use mkv2vob which will convert your MKV into a VOB (which is supported) without having to transcode (usually).

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    kenshin33 Guest
    os simply use a UPNP media server (tversity for windows / mediatomb for linux) they have transcoding caps .. you wont have to copy anything to your PS3.

    of course the PS3 has to be connected to your LAN.

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    Fgroia Guest
    can it be done wirelessly?

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    corana Guest
    Sort of.

    I have had some success playing HD movies wirelessly, however: Fire and lightning for some reason chew up the cache and make the video need more bandwidth.

    However, depending on where in the room my PS3 is, as to if I can stream the HD movies at all.

    Better to use a cable.

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    cyberbob Guest


    I have made some test this week end with a bluray burner and 25Gb BDRE (now blu ray ar not very expensive) and with this you can play big movies on ps3 without streaming.

    - First use tsmuxer http://www.videohelp.com/tools/tsMuxeR
    The level must be 4.1 or less but never more (the ps3 can't read 5.1 profile)
    Outpout : choose m2ts muxing

    Wait for the mux and now you have one m2ts file. Don't wory abour the size of your m2ts file.

    - Second : Go to nero burning rom (or other burning software) and choose new data Blu-Ray.
    You have to burn data on UDF 2.5
    Make a folder call VIDEO and put inside your m2ts files (you can copy as many movies you want and don't matter about the size). The only thing is to have enough space on you blu ray.
    Burn the blu ray.

    -Third Power up your ps3, insert the blu ray and go to video. Wait until the circle (upper right corner of your tv) stop and you will see corrupt data (it take 30seconds in my ps3).
    There wiil be as many corrupt date as movies.

    - Launch corrupt data and you will see that the movie play. All the movie play well. The only problem is that you can't do fast forward or rewind (it will stop reading the movie).

    So it works, it's very easy to do but the only problem is that you can't see the name of the file you launch (i don't know how to by-pass this).

    Sorry for my poor english (maybe someone who write well can edit the post).

    Hope it will help.

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    plavkic Guest

    Question problems

    I have problem when i reduce quality and start at PS3 i get blank screen sound go with no problem.
    I tried to convert to h264 again but goes too long 6-7 h. any faster solution ?

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    cyberbob Guest
    With tsmuxer you don't need so long, it take 20 minutes max to make the files (9Gb). This tool doesn't make any convertion (no h264->mpeg2 conversion for example).

    I tkink you problem is that you may have a 5.1 h264 profile. Convert it to 4.1.

    To help you we need to know what is the source (h264, mpeg2,...).

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    Kiriller Guest
    I have tried this mkv conversion a while ago on topgun 1080 and it worked, but i have split the movie in few parts inorder to put it on ps3, i just dont understand why sony has to be such d1cks about it and make the ps3 all format friendly, i guess we will have to wait for a complete homebrew for ps3

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