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    Jimar Guest

    Warranty affected??

    sorry if this has already been answered but i was wandering if i upgrade my (eur) 60gb hdd to something bigger does this affect my exented warrenty or even the standard sony warrenty.

    thanks in advance, sorry again if it's already been answered

    Edit: oh yea, and if i change the hdd will i be able to put all the backup stuff onto as i downloaded warhawk of UK ps3 store and its only allowed once so... i was just wandering

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    embrion Guest
    I also wondering about that.

    Well, I think, if You unscrew and screw it carefully, they won't notice and warranty won't be void.

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    aftermath666 Guest
    no it doesnt effect (at least in our country turkey)

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    Jimar Guest
    alright cheers for that but what about with downloaded games like warhawk cus i aint payin another 20, hopefully i can just back it up and restore it on new hdd cus its still gna be loaded on the same ps3 console so all numbers and stuff should be same right?

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    VendeTTaa Guest
    With most downloaded games, they can be downloaded five times to ANY ps3, but with warhawk, it is limited to five downloads to a SINGLE ps3 so your safe.

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    d4ny Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by aftermath666 View Post
    no it doesnt effect (at least in our country turkey)
    Where did you find this information? I think sony has the same warranty restrictions in all countries.

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    Karuto Guest
    Upgrading your hard drive does not affect your warranty. The process is also found in the PS3's manual. The only time it would is if you screw up the operation of the hard drive itself. Otherwise, you can even call tech support and they can help you if you want.

    EDIT: I realize it had been answered above, but I'm just offering more clarification.

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    Siptang Guest
    MS puts their sticker so that if case was tempered with in any way (which it has to no matter what, if you want to do anything to your 360) however with ps3, like karuto stated earlier HDD slot is on the side and is accessible without touching any warranty stickers. Refer to your user's manual like Karuto also stated. When you stick the new HDD in, it will say that unsupported HDD is found and it will prompt you to format the HDD and the sony's files and partitions will be created automatically.

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