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Thread: Warning message with Open Manager?

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    Flash42 Guest

    Warning message with Open Manager?

    Hi guys,

    I installed open manger everything working fine except for one thing. I always have a message.. we found the last update.. you have to update to use this sofware. We gone close your program and update your ps3.

    Looks like that.. Sorry i translate from french.

    After that i just have to use the o button and everything goes fine. Why?


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    Mad Lion Guest
    Just always click cancel or O button and you will be Ok. When you run game via Open manager you may get update message.

    It could prompt you to update game (Because new patch has been released) Or prompt to update PS3. Updates aren't good on jailbroken PS3. They can stop your game from working. (If you install game update.)

    Or make your PS3 completely useless with jailbreak (If you update your PS3)

    In most cases game updates just bring new fixes to multiplayer which we can't use on JB.

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    jamdobbs Guest
    Hi, it is safe to do a game update via the internet? i did the 107 update for cod world at war because of black screen when loading works fine now..

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    hongman Guest
    This is my understanding: Game updates should not be installed. In my experience they almost always fail anyway, and are not needed to play the game. I have heard that if the update does succeed, it may prevent the game from running.

    PS3 Firmware updates will upgrade it past 3.41 and you will have to downgrade again to JB it.

    So all in all, just hit O, its not worth the risk!

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