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Thread: Wanting to jailbreak PS3 4.25 help?

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    CHILLIN1414 Guest

    Wanting to jailbreak PS3 4.25 help?

    Hello everyone. i'm sure you have all gone over this and i have tried many different ways to do it. But i can't seem to get it to break. I am running the new update 4.25 and i have tried to put the PUP files on my usb drive under a PS3/UPDATE folder but when i connect to the ps3 in either recovery mode or regular it never recognizes the usb update. can anyone help me with this problem?

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    technodon Guest
    There isnt a 4.25 jailbreak that is the problem, the only way you can jailbreak is if the console is on firmware 3.41 or 3.55. you can downgrade with a e3 flasher or a progskeet type device if your console supports 3.55 or below

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    CHILLIN1414 Guest
    so how do i find out if my machine is compatible with 3.55 and is there any other way to do it without a chip or any other hardware?

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    technodon Guest
    you can use minverchk.pup you just pop it on a usb in the normal PS3/UPDATE folder and run it by going to update by usb or you can go by model number all fat consoles are downgradable but some have nand chips which can only be downgraded with a progskeet. if its a slim the console has to be a CECH-2503b or below CECH-3000x series have a minimum firmware of 3.66 and cannot be downgraded. its not possible to downgrade unless you mod the console.

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