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    Video Store EU?

    Anyone knows when the Playstation Video Store will be available to the european market?

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    don't know, but you can be registred and download from any existing playstation store, just need to make separate account at your PS3 machine and then log in to the stores with different email address for each account/store. (I am using US, JPN and GER stores)

    the reason for that is difference in content of the stores (different demos etc)

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    Of course you can downlaod demo or other things from an other store (US, JAP) but there is a problem if you want to buy video or games.

    The problem is the credit card :
    - you want to buy in the US store, you need a US credit card,
    - you want to buy in a the JAP store, you need a JAP credit card.

    Or try buying with a VISA card, it may work (i have tried with a Mastercard and it doesn't work).

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