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Thread: Video Playlists on PS3

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    jds828 Guest

    Video Playlists on PS3

    Hi Everyone,

    I've been searching for a while to try and find a playlist creator, or a way to make a playlist for video on my PS3.. without much luck!

    I don't tend to put Vids on the PS3 HDD as I have 3 NAS servers all running Twonky Media and they do the streaming.

    Is there a way? Or is it, watch one, then move to the next?

    Thanks for any pointers you might have.


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    damonous Guest
    Unfortunately, I think it's going to be "watch one, then move to the next". The PS3 itself only supports playlists on photos & music. I don't think it's intelligent enough to understand a remote playlist with a foreign text-format.

    Although I own several PS3's, I cannot say that I've used it much as a remote Media Center (I actually like stacking all my content ON the PS3 itself as a 'Media server', since the backup/restore process is so much more simple and error-free than the PC). I've got a 320gb hard drive in my main PS3 and plan to upgrade to 500gb or higher in the near future.

    That being said, did you check to see if you use triangle and select multiple remote titles, if you can at least do "watch one, then move to the next" unattended? --That may be possible. If you hit triangle at the base of any XMB menu, you get more options to explore & manage external, remote, or internal content, ... than if you just press "X".

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