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    [UnAnswered] Video Playback Question

    So in all the previews of the PS3 it shows thumbnail playback of videos when you're looking at them in the XMB. I added a bunch of MPG4-AVC files to the harddisk, but the PS3 doesn't show that cool thumbnail preview. What's the deal? Does it only do that for certain video formats or do I have to change the playback settings?

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    I've had the same thing happen to me. Some of the videos I've saved didn't have the thumbnail but some did. I just figured it was the formate or how it was encoded, so I just end up making the thumbnail for the few that are mission it.

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    Which file formats are the ones that show thumbnail previews for you? And how do you make thumbnails for the PS3?

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    what u need to do is hit triangle while u are watching a vid and choose create icon or change icon when u confirm it will make the icon the next 15 seconds of film after u have choose to create it.

    none of my imported vids have ever had a thumnail file, i think i remember pspvideo 9 having an option to add ur own thumbs but not sure about ps3video 9

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