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    kantaki Guest

    Video with MP3 128bit Audiocodec not playable ?


    i have different videos from lost. season 1-3 was no problem for my ps3 but the videos in season 4 have 128bit mp3 audio codec and its not possible to hear the audio if i play the video on the ps3. There is no problem with the audio if i play the video on the pc.

    Do you have this problem ?

    Would it be an opportunity to jailbreak my ps3 to make the ps3 play every video ?


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    severusx Guest
    Well, assuming that your PS3 is still using > 3.55 OFW, then you could jailbreak it and install MultiMan to use its ShowTime feature. This has much better support for codecs across the board. If you are 3.56 or newer, you can't jailbreak but you could install PS3 Media Server on your PC and use it to transcode the video into something the PS3 understands on the fly. I use it and it works great.

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