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Thread: Which version of PS3 CFW am I using?

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    miandad Guest

    Question Which version of PS3 CFW am I using?

    guys i have ps3 which is downgraded by someone else. normally they have regero 3.7 but when i turn it on its ermac cfw 4.30 and i ask them about dehashing they don't know about it ..

    my question is how to know which version of cfw i m using it & can i direct update to rogero 2.03 or use rebug downgrader 999?

    i don't have a flasher.

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    racer0018 Guest
    Go into multiman and go to the system settings in there and then system information. And it will tell you what you have. Thanks

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    miandad Guest
    thx already knew it.. but my problem is after downgrade by someone else and to know what i'm using prepatch lv1 cfw or non prepatched cfw?

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    k9inpoop Guest
    you should downgrade it then you should dehash it too (its easy to dehash). so you need to get a patched lv1 cfw and 3.55 ofw with qa flag enabled after you dehash it. then you can go on to ANY 3.55 cfw of your choosing and then you will know what you have

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