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    buffaoo monty Guest

    Various game help!

    Can anyone tell me if these games have any patches/debug updates out yet or are they in the group: 3.50 black screen on start up

    TV Superstars EUR BCES00598
    Create EUR BLES01044
    Monoploy Streets USA BLUS30533
    The Fight Lights Out EUR BCES00874

    Thanks in advance people.

    P.S. Sorry to the MODS I posted this in the wrong forum earlier

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    EiKii Guest
    i'm using PSN Tool 2.0 to search you could to, it seems that to Monopoly there is one 1.01 and looks like its "developer", guess its debug? req fw 3.30

    TV Superstars i got no luck finding any.

    Create there is to a 1.01 wich seems to be debug.

    The fight lights out, can't find any either, doesn't mean there isn't any.

    i recommend to download PSN Tool 2.0 its quite nice for searching, hope it helps Good Luck.

    edit: oh and can't gaurantee its going to work, some games it seems doomed to run xD gonna try monopoly myself l8r don't run as is.

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    buffaoo monty Guest
    Thank you. Didn't know about this gonna do it now

    Edit: Well I had a look at this & to be honest its a bit beyond me

    Thanks anyway, I guess I'll have to wait for someone with a bit more savvy to figure it for me & anyone else who cant get them working.

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    EiKii Guest
    only of theese games i have is Monopoly Streets, and for the moment i cant get it to run, i have ps3key waiting for another usb device that i can flash whatever i want might help

    did you get the app running?

    btw you could check here http://www.ps4news.com/subdomain.php?pagename=ps3-debug and to install i think simply transfer to usb stick depending on what payload you have,

    sorry i couldn't help more, pls let me know if there is anything more i can try help with.


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    Frago Guest
    My Friend Monopoly street has a patch and is working i playing it 4 days now here is the link:


    Just install the Pkg Update normal and please tell me if this help you.

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    thexnightmare Guest
    All of those work fine for me.

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    buffaoo monty Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by thexnightmare View Post
    All of those work fine for me.
    Any chance of some more info on how?

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    thexnightmare Guest
    Which game exactly my friend?

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    buffaoo monty Guest
    Well I've found the PKG's for Create & Monopoly but haven't had a chance to try them. So the other 2: Tv superstars & The fight

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