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Thread: Validating PS3 dump help?

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    young legend Guest

    Validating PS3 dump help?

    I Have the e3 and i'm on step 2 backing it up and it finish it did all 6 lights 1 by 1 and i use the e3 dump checker and it tells me "it has completed with errors. The e3 dump is either corrupted or it isn't in expected format. Please check your Hw setup before to continue!" does anyone know how to get past this part.

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    BlurZz Guest
    Well backing up the nor with errors is a big deal (if you use that dump) but is an easy fix. Firstly check and make sure the clip is on nice and tight. I recommend using the penny trick. (stick 3 pennies on top of the chip) Are you getting any error code of any code during or after the backup? Such as the blue led lights randomly blinking?

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    jensen76 Guest
    clean the clip and nor chip with alcohol and put ekstra pressor on the clip like BlurZz says ore in another way...

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    racer0018 Guest
    Don't go by the e3 checker. I can edit a good dump so it is bad and run it through there and it will say it is a good dump. Check the dump another way by verifying all the information is there is a hex editor and use wiki as a reference. If you are missing certain things in your dump and you flash it your ps3 will never work again. So make sure you have a good dump.

    Thanks and if you get a good dump and want me to look at it let me know.

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    young legend Guest
    i just got it like 4 weeks ago and i don't get the 3 backups when i do the backup process.

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    ROOKI3 Guest
    you need to update the flasher with latest update from their site to get your 3 backups.

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