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    Senior Member hunter316's Avatar
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    [UnAnswered] v1.5 update causing PS3 DVD/Blu-ray playback issues?

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    News Source: Playstation.com

    "Rumor has it that Sony's latest firmware update for the PS3 is giving users problems when it comes to playing back DVD and Blu-ray movies. Random pauses and freezes during the duration of movies are some of the most common symptoms.

    me and a few other have had blu ray movies and normal dvds pause for like 10 secs fo no reason (its not the disk) i had it happen on a normal dvd and a blu ray. anyone wacth a blu ray movie since the 1.50? this never happend on the 1.3 updates.

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    I'm already tired of Sony, how they are trying to stop a select few from ripping games and movies and using an iso loader. When all that does is make 10 more problems pop up.

    The majority of people in the Blue Ray market will never take the time to learn how to HDCP works. This is why I don't update my system at all after V1.32.

    They obviously made huge mistakes in security. Now are trying to fix it but causing more problems along the way.

    HDCP is so flawed, and they new it but decided to use it anyway. No they are gonna get owned by the hacking community.

    All they do is piss people off with their BS. ICT won't be used till 2012, and then they will get owned again because all that does is piss people off trying to back up their blue ray disks.

    Man I hate how they try to make you update before online play. Screw them, if you want to really play fun online. 360 is the way to go, because PS3 online is really just about how they can get into your system and patch everything.

    DON'T update if you don't want Sony messing your system up even more.

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    well so far these are rumors right? i updated to 1.50 and watched a DVD movie last night. played perfectly. it had subtitles and played those fine.

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    Actually I been having problems with mine since the update. It freezes on my little man dvd and corpse bride.

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    Confirmed the problem with my second ps3 1.50 version. I popped in a dvd and there are slight pauses in the play back. It's really noticable when you know your LCD tv flickers on and off as if it's switching resolutions in a game. Popped in Rick Bobby (blueray) and it gave same problems. It's most definitely the firmware that's causing it.

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    this sux sony better release a fix for this..


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