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    Big Grin Using PS3 Proxy with an EUR PS3 under 2.52 Firmware

    Hello everyone !

    My problem is that I can download demos and other stuffs from the PS3NEWS.COM PLAYSTATiON NETWORK STORE LiNKS but I can't install them on my PS3.

    I have a EUR PSN account, US one and a JP one either. On neither of those accounts I didn't arrived to install PS3News' stuff. So I would like some help from you guys. Oh and by the way, is the PSN bypass method still works for 2.52 ?

    Thanx for helping me

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    there is a forum specially for this topic:

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    Ya, but this is a Newbie post so it doesn't belong there... where it really belongs is in one of the STICKY threads in this section petaining to this very topic.

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    I'm sorry but nobody answered me so I couldn't do something else ... and please guys answer ! =(

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