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    Using ftpd.self with psgroove possible?

    The 1.6 SDK provides a small app called ftpd.self. With this app you can connect to game folders using the ftp protocol.

    I already tried to make a package to install ftpd.self with psgroove. But since the self is not a NPDRM one, the package creation failed. Also tools like "self to elf" don't work.

    Is there a method known to convert a non NPDRM self to a NPDRM one? Are there other possibilities to get ftpd.self running on a retail Ps3 with psgroove?

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    Well, actually ftpd.self and the PS3 FTP server are essentially the same - namely, they both use the exact same API and library for FTP access with the exception that ftpd.self is tied down to "/dev_hdd0/game/ABCD12345" (where ABCD12345 is the titleid).

    However, the PS3 FTP Server is tied down to / ,so it can see dev_flash, dev_flash2, dev_flash3, all of dev_hdd0, dev_bdvd etc!

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