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Thread: Using FTP to backup HDD & restore to new HDD

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    ash x Guest

    Using FTP to backup HDD & restore to new HDD

    I want to buy a new internal HDD for my jailbroken PS3. I will use the FTP program to copy my entire HDD (or just the saves, DLC etc) to my PC, and then install the new HDD and then copy everything back over. Is this possible?

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    Pcsx2006 Guest
    Yes it is possible. But as far as i know only backups, gamesaves, images, videos, music can be copied as there folder are commonly used btw dont know about dlc's & psn games.

    with ps3 ftp but u can make backup of entire hdd using ps3's default backing up option.

    even psn dlc's and psn games but no backups.

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    Jurai2 Guest
    not actually positive if this works or not, the system has a built in backup/transfer functionality though.

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    ash x Guest
    I don't think all your DLC and protected-saves are copied with the in-built backup/restore. Guess I'll just de-activate it before I swap out the old HDD, and try and find out where the protected saves are held.

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