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    BshadoW Guest

    using disk on key as external hdd?

    any chance the ps3 will read my 16gb disk on key dongle?

    when i put in the ps3 nothing happens...


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    modmate Guest

    sorry but i dont understand your question.

    Which Stick?
    Which Payload?

    Oh yes and just in case:

    Turn your ps3 OFF ( Unplug Power cord )
    Plug in your JB stick
    Turn on your PS3 an QUICKLY tab on the EJECT button ( NO DISC in drive)
    Now it should boot into JB mode.

    Rest is up to you. Install a Backup manager and so on. Have a look for that in the tutorial and hacks section.

    Greets Modmate

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    ChaseHammer Guest
    it HAS to be formatted in either FAT or FAT32 to be seen by the PS3 also.

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    BshadoW Guest
    i mean i want to use my disk on key 16gb as an external hdd , its already in fat32. but for some reason i dont see the backup in the backup manager. if i connect an external hdd i do see the backup and on my disk on key i dont.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    If you put some picture, music or video on it can your PS3 see / play those files from it?

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    BshadoW Guest
    yes the backup manager came from that disk on key, but for some reason the game won't show.

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    h0bbit Guest
    You still have to put them in the correct folder, depending on what data your using. You could put games on it, it would need to be in a folder GAMEZ for most Boot Managers to see it.

    PKG files can be in the root folder.

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    BshadoW Guest
    ok thanks!!! i think this will work.

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