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Thread: Used PSN ID changer, now can't use psn help?

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    Darkzero51521 Guest

    Used PSN ID changer, now can't use psn help?

    I can log on to psn just fine with my retail ps3, but with my kmeaw-355, it lets me log in without friends. The picture helps elaborate a little. All my friends, name, picture, ect are gone. But i can get on the playstation store just fine as well as a few games, but i can't play the games i want online and i can't access a lot of features.

    I remember using the PSN ID changer forever ago, but that was when COD BO first came out and i havent have 3.55 til today. i'm not sure how to go back to my original psn ID.

    i even tried deleteing all my user accounts and creating a new one, it still stuck. I don't understand why i can log onto the same PSN on a different ps3 but not this one.

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    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    Well, if you changed your PSN ID. All your friends are associated with your old PSN ID, this is the reason XMB shows none of your friends.

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    Darkzero51521 Guest
    I meant i used the app PSIDpatch. It was supposed to be temporary, but it looks like it stuck because no mater what PSN i sign onto, i get a blank PSN like shown in the picture, even when i create a new one.

    But i ended up formatting my ps3, that fixed it. But now i have to copy all my games back

    ^ oh and since the problem is solved i guess mods can close this thread.

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