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Thread: Use original HDD as external to update new internal?

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    IslaTurbine Guest

    Use original HDD as external to update new internal?

    Ok, so here's what I'm thinking:

    Buy a new 500gb drive to throw in my Fat. Then buy a Transcend external HDD enclosure and put the original 60gb HDD in it. Could I then theoretically transfer everything (game saves, etc) from the "new" external to my new internal?

    I'm trying to be able to backup and replace my old drive without actually needing to use a separate external HDD in the process (cause I don't own one).


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    Pcsx2006 Guest
    No you'll need 3 hdds (2 internal & 1 external usb hdd) to do a full backup/restore. 1st you have to backup ur older hdd (eg 160gb) on external usb hdd (size should be equal/bigger than ur older hdd, eg 160gb) by using backup utility from system settings.

    Now put your second internal hdd (eg 500gb) in ur ps3 format it, after formating connect ur external usb hdd and restore it by using backup utility from system settings. Thats it! you have succesfully copied all your contents to a new hdd.

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Yeah you need a device where you can take the backup first to store, before recycle it to an other HDD.

    Very inconvenient.

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    IslaTurbine Guest
    Alright. I figured that was the answer but I couldn't anyone who had asked about that specific situation.


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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    All replies so far were WRONG here - as usually - users with NO or close to zero knowledge giving out the BAD advices!!

    Indeed you CAN do that with just only ONE new drive although it would take a bit longer / include additional steps. Here we go:

    1. Put the new drive in the external enclosure and format it via your PC in FAT32 (use swissknife or some other tool as Windows are dumb enough not to be able to format the entire drive in FAT32)

    Swissknife 3.22:

    2. Use the PS3's build in backup function to backup your entire PS3's hard drive to the new drive in the external enclosure. (You might delet some old / unwanted stuff - like old demos and / or some game isntall data - NOT Game save data! - to speed up the backup / restore if you want to).

    3. Just to be on the safe side - copy also all unprotected gamesaves to the same drive. You can also copy any other file you want to be sure no to loos - like some picture, music or videos although they've been backed up already in previous step.

    4. Copy the entire content of the new drive in the enclosure to your PC - indeed you'd need to have a sufficient space in there but it's jsut temporrary (unless you'd like to hold on the backup files for a bit longer)

    5. Now SWAP the hard drive in the PS3. Please note that you'd need to have the FW your PS3 is on downloaded and ready on the USB stick so it could be used after swapping the drives.

    6. PS3 will now format the new hard drive and re-install the FW from USB stick. In the meantime - put the old hard drive in the enclosure, format it again in FAT32 and copy over the entire backup content from your PC.

    7. Restore the PS3 from the old hard drive uding the build in Restore fuction.

    Voila - there you go - new drive in with the content from the old one WITHOUT need for an additional drive

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    Transient Guest
    GrandpaHomer, I believe your method still requires three drives (third one being in the PC). It's another option for certain, but really it's just a variant of Pcsx2006's advice. I don't think it's fair to say his advice was wrong.

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