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Thread: Use Elgato Game Cap Encoder with PC/Adobe help?

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    blazr Guest

    Use Elgato Game Cap Encoder with PC/Adobe help?

    Hey forum,

    I've got the Elgato Game Capture and the quality it provides is stunning. Now i've decided to test out its capabilities so i recorded some gameplay from the last of us demo with the gamecap at 17mpbs.

    As i wanted to add some improvements to the videos i edited them, using Adobe Première Pro CS6, adding some fixes to contrast in certain segements, cutting out unnecessary deaths and time pauses, sharpeneing the video and adding a watermark.

    So with Premiere Pro i had to of course, re-encode the video. This is done using my PC hardware. In H264 at 720P HD , 29 FPS with 8Mbps bitrate and 2 passes my PC says it will finish encoding the 20min video in 3.5hours.

    Now is there any way I can use the hardware inside the elgato to re-encode my video rather than using my PC and keeping its CPU at 100% for 4 hours.

    Thanks in advance!

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    niwakun Guest
    that's normal, to me I used to encode videos on Sony Vegas with some minor editing like what you did, and do use the Nvidia CUDA Video Encoding acceleration plugin. Since my PC had 2 GPUs the encoding of a HD video 1080p took only 20mins at the length of 12mins video

    encoding a video through MIPS instruction (which is most of the x86 based application and processors are) are much slower than FLOPS. I know that PS3 can be used a video encoder with the combination of a PC on the end side to send the video file to PS3 and PS3 will encode it on the fly and sent back to PC with the encoded video.

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    JeoWay Guest
    I don't think you can use the hardware inside the elgato because it has nothing to do with the PC functioning itself. You would need to use some a good program such as Sony Vegas or SQUEEZE 9. I believe those are the best you could use although it will use your PC Hardware to function.

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