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Thread: USB sound card for ps3

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    Jewmobile Guest

    Question USB sound card for ps3

    Will a USB sound card ( work for the ps3?

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    Stonecutter Guest
    Don't you have a headphone port in your television?

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    Jewmobile Guest
    I bought a logitech headset thinking i could use it on a ps3, and it only have the audio prong and the microphone prong, so i wanna know if this wil work or not.

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    aldostools Guest
    I found a post in another forum with a pic of the same USB device, and the guy reports that it "works well". He got it for half the price.

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    Jewmobile Guest
    Thanks! That really, really helps.

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    ssookhan Guest
    Yeah, I have usb sound card and I can confirm that it works.

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    dude2193 Guest
    Yeah I can confirm that, my dads laptop one works with the ps3 altough I dont use it for games.

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    devilockz Guest
    that's cool.. gotta try it out

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