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    USB Jailbreak PS3 questions help?

    When I use the USB dongle, and jailbreak it, can i unjailbreak it or it permant installed into your system? Or I could simply just remove my USB and it will be back to normal?

    Also, let say i bought black ops to play online legit but i also want to use dongle for playing burnt games, can i do it both way? Or it not possible because I have to update to lastest fw to play online?

    Please answer. Ty

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    When you jailbreak your console the "change" is not permanent, i.e. when you restart the system (without the USB *device*) it will boot/startup normally.

    There is a small issue in your example tho. The jailbreak works on consoles with FW less than 3.42 ( 3.41 ... 2.43), whereas for PSN you need the latest (3.55).

    Unless I missed a fancy new payload that can "spoof" (correctly) the system so that PSN "thinks" you are running the latest (whereas actually you are not)

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    Oh, ty for clearing it up for me. I saw a video of jailbreaking with TI calculator. What about that? Is work the same as USB? You have to redo when you restart the system? Also, i heard XI kai allows you to play online for certain games. That still working?

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    Correct, using a TI as your JailBreak device is would be the same, and no, currently you cannot play games online with a JailBroken PS3 via PSN.

    However, as you mentioned some games are working online using other networks as follows:

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