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Thread: USB 3.0 hdd incompatible with PS3 help?

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    TheDevil Guest

    USB 3.0 hdd incompatible with PS3 help?

    Just bought a 500GB WD Elements external hdd 2,5" with usb 3.0 (but with like 3 stickers on it that is 100% compatible with usb 2.0).

    Quite sure this is a hardware incompatability with the ps3 and not software issue as the hdd repeatedly "clicks" like it keeps seeking a connection or something.

    Came pre-formatted as NTFS so ive formatting it no less than 3 times to FAT32 using HP formatting tool, Fat32formatter & even EaseUS partition manager so it isnt a software/formatting issue. Works perfectly with pc of cause (and that has a usb 2.0 connections as well). Ive got a old 1T (fat32) usb 2.0 hdd and it works just fine with the ps3.

    Or am i missing something? Could it be because its a "selfpowered" device .. aka powered by the usb cable? The ol' clunky 1T 3.5" has a separate psu of cause.

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    Azrial Guest
    I've got a couple of USB 3.0 drives, and they work flawlessly, so it's not a compatibility issue, it could be the PS3 is lacking the power enough to power the drive, I recommend buying a USB hub, that also has a power supply, that's what I have to use, as my PS3 can't power all the drives connected (and doesn't have enough USB ports.)

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    ariark Guest
    its all depends on the model of external HD... (I think)... well i have 2 WD passport essential S.E... one with P/N model ending with BBL-01 which i can connect directly to my PS3 flawlessly and the other one ending with BSL which i cannot connect directly to PS3 i have to use USB hub.

    i use Belkin btw (very good model) to help me connect to PS3... and i just bought the latest WD passport ending with BRD-03... (not essential S.E dunno why they are not selling it anymore here... i was hoping for essential S.E cause they work really good with PS3)

    which i cannot at all connect to my PS3 with or without the help of USB hub... i read the review of this model and mostly they say that it cannot be use on PS3 ... so maybe it all depends on the model ... so before buying external HD especially for PS3 you have to asked them if this can be use on Ps3..

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    TheDevil Guest
    Thanks, i think you nailed the issue. Probably a powering issue. Good idea with the usb hdd hub too.

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    Liongooder Guest
    Sup guys, its been a long time & of course the USB hub works,or you can try plugging the HDD slowly & painstakingly to the PS3
    that worked for me & it was WD my passport 500GB, but the 1st method works 100%.

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    ilgimmy Guest
    I use a wd elements 1tb using a Y cable.

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