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    refuseamen Guest

    US PS3 Voltage Help

    I'm going to be taking my US PS3 to Qatar in a few weeks and was wondering if it would work with 220v, even though it clearly says in the manual and on the console that it only operates at 120v. I'm not sure about the model number, but it's a 60GB and I bought it in December of 2006 (has all the old PS2 architecture inside of it).

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    daveribz Guest
    You should buy some sort of converting plug. Theres some universal ones for travelling and stuff. It features interchangable adapters. Not sure where to get it tough.

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    refuseamen Guest
    I'm not worried about the adapter. I'm just wondering if I'll need something that converts the voltage.

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    idone Guest
    You are 100% good to go!!!

    Despite what it says on the sticker on the bottom, the psu itself says the real operating range, and the same psu was used in all consoles world wide back then.

    Not sure if brand new consoles are different..but i guarantee you that you are fine and that it is compatible with 220v!

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