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    Cretin Guest

    US/Canada PS3 UK Compatibility and FW

    I'm hoping to order a 160gb ps3 slim, and on the website (which is american) It says US/Canada compatible only, is this true? Would it be different entirely to a UK ps3? I'm also hoping to jailbreak it, but I dont know which FW it will ship with, I expect its probably not fresh from sony, as the website isnt offering a move starter pack yet, so its probably stock thats a good few weeks old atleast.

    any help would be great!



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    Transient Guest
    Yes, there are several regions in the world (US/Canada is one) and each has their own custom PS3. Why the different PS3s? Two reasons:

    1) Different electricity standards result in different power plugs, voltages, and frequency. That difference also results in a different standard for TVs (US/Canada is NTSC, UK is PAL) which is partly due to the electrical frequency (60Hz in US/Canada, 50Hz in UK).

    2) Media region controls. While PS3 games are mostly region-free, it's still up to the publisher to choose whether or not to region-lock it. So a UK game could be locked so that it only plays on UK PS3s. The same goes for movies. Fortunately, blu-ray locking (games and movies) is rare. The same can't be said for DVDs where region-locking is the norm.

    I hope that helps.

    PS - I should have mentioned that new LCD TVs usually can handle both NTSC and PAL signal, so that really isn't a limiting factor anymore unless you have an older TV.

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