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Thread: Uploading a game via split 4g help?

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    Gbyrd Guest

    Uploading a game via split 4g help?

    I use multi man and i have LA noire on my computer, i tried uploading it to my fat32 hdd get it in there and connect it to my ps3, and LA noire doesn't show up in the manager. Any Idea what's wrong?

    I'm using MultiMan uhh the last one with the lv2.pkg embedded in it. Think its 1.16.00. Any help would be great thanks

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    severusx Guest
    Update to the newest version of MultiMan and install BDEMU.PKG (attached to the MM thread, use the paperclip icon on the thread title). Make sure you are putting the game in a location that MM is set to check like X:\Games on your external drive. Once MM sees the split game, copy it to the internal HD and MM will unsplit it for you.

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    Nishank Guest
    the LA-Noire i downloaded was already split for >4gb files. I copied the already split files, from my ntfs external, to the internal hard disk of the ps3. But it did not work. Then i copied the files to the fat32 external HDD and then copied the backup using MM to the internal HDD of the ps3 and it was able to copy. I don't know if there is some bug in the MM or in that particular release.

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    severusx Guest
    It probably was a bad rip or a bad split method. You did apply the EU update to make it work on CFW 3.55 right?

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    Krisdog Guest
    needs a patch just like crisis, search for L A noire patch, download, extract rar, install pkg file on ps3, enjoy.

    rep points always welcome

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