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Thread: Upgrading from Rogero 4.50 to 4.55 CFW help?

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    artzeke Guest

    Upgrading from Rogero 4.50 to 4.55 CFW help?

    i would like to ask how to upgrade my cfw to rogero 4.55? i tried playing watch dogs but console is telling me that the game requires 4.55 firmware version. help me guys. i'm new here

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    misiozol Guest
    Prepare USB drive/stick create folders PS3/UPDATE and place there update file UPDATE.PUP just make sure your file is not fake by comparing checksum , Go to safe mode and update CFW of your choice

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    artzeke Guest
    i already downloaded cfw 3.55. how do i compare in check sum? and how do i go the safe mode? do i need to update also my multiman or not? and does my game disappears in my ps3 if i updated the cfw. i really have a lot of questions sorry guys . help

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    windrider42 Guest
    You don't need CFW 3.55, Just do as misiozol says.

    Yes you will have to update multiman. Search checksum verification and PS3 Safe mode. You won't loose any games.

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    artzeke Guest
    so you mean i need to download the cfw rogero 4.55 and then install it? okay. okay so how do i update multiman? i have a .pkg multiman 4.55 file but i dont know where should i put it. help

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    windrider42 Guest
    Yes just download Rogero 4.55 rename it to PS3UPDATE.PUP and place it on USB PS3/UPDATE/PS3UPDATE.PUP

    You can install it directly in XMB. That is how I always update.

    Then place the multiman pkg file on root of USB, install from XMB on PS3 under Game Tab Install Pkg files you will see it.


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