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Thread: Upgrading PS3 Internal HDD for Firmware 3.41?

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    Helmax Guest

    Upgrading PS3 Internal HDD for Firmware 3.41?


    Im interested in upgrading my internal hdd in the PS3. However, my PS3 runs on firmware 3.41, and I have no intention of changing this. So I want to upgrade and remain on this firmware.

    I dont know the exact upgrade method, or all the criteria I need to meet to upgrade, but this is what I think I need to do and would like verification.

    1) Buy an internal hdd of physical size 2.5", SATA (does sata 2 or 3 make it incompatible?), and make sure it runs at either 5400rpm (preferably) or 7200rpm.
    2) Backup current PS3 HDD to my external fat32 usb drive.
    3) turn off ps3 and remove my HDD.
    4) plug in new HDD and then turn PS3 back on.
    5) format the new HDD using the ps3, and then restore my backup to it.

    I had read other things telling me I would need PS3UPDAT.PUP files and other bs, and I dont wanna risk losing my backups, homebrew and 3.41 firmware.

    Can anyone tell me how I should go about doing this on my 3.41 firmware to ensure nothing happens?

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    severusx Guest
    You have the process right, and I can answer your question if you tell me which PS3 you have.

    If you have a Fat PS3, it's basically plug and play. With a slim you will need to have a 3.41 PUP on a usb drive for the HD utility to access after you install the drive.

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    Helmax Guest

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    I believe you have answered it for me. I have a 60GB FAT PS3. Sounds like its exactly as I thought it was.

    I didnt realize the update PUP only applied to slim models.

    Thank you!

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