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Thread: Upgrading PS3 HDD help?

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    lecos Guest

    Upgrading PS3 HDD help?


    my ps3 (slim CECH2501A) has a 160gb internal hdd. i'm using kmeaw 3.55 cfw. is there some guide to upgrade the hdd? i'll install a seagate 500gb 5400rpm 8mb buffer hdd.

    i know that the first thing i have to do is a backup using ps3 backup utility with an external hdd. after upgrade, what is the best thing to do? Install ofw 3.55 and then install kmeaw cfw 3.55 or just go to kmeaw? and others things, like multiman, showtime? do i have to install them again?


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    k9inpoop Guest
    ok this is what i did i just took out the hdd and upgraded to the 500 gb then i installed ofw 3.55 on that hdd then upgraded to 3.55k but if you have the original hdd in there still and have a file manager on the ps3 go backup the act.dat file first just in case.

    hope this helps

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    gmrhollic Guest
    Its a safe bet to say that you will need 3 HDDs if you want to go the backup and restore route. From my experience I always had to format the new HDD on the PS3 then install the custom firmware again. you will need to have the ofw on a USB drive in order to begin the process since to access the xmb restore function you need to reinstall the ofw.

    After install ofw you can try to restore the backup image you create of the old HDD. its a lengthy process and I can't say for certain that it will go smoothly. Better to just have everything saved on PC and just clean install ofw, install cfw and then ftp and install and file manager you are going to use.

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