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Thread: Upgrading PS3 HD, what CFW should I use help?

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    princekheldar Guest

    Upgrading PS3 HD, what CFW should I use help?

    Hey all,

    I just finally got my first 3.55 PS3 (an 80 gig phat) today, and am upgrading the HD with a 300GB I had laying around.

    What I'm not clear on is, what CFW should I use? I'm about to install a fresh 3.55 OFW and then I will jailbreak.

    What would you all suggest as the best CFW to use, and why? What exactly are the advantages/disadvantages of them? I've been reading a lot of stuff but frankly it's left me more than a bit confused. I'm concerned about things like losing Blu-ray playback capability, for instance.

    I'm not overly concerned about losing PSN access, since I can always use my other units for that, but if it is in fact possible to go to CFW and still play online with friends, that would be a huge plus.

    Thanks in advance for your input as I begin navigating these waters!

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    PS3GAMER20111 Guest
    i would recommend CFW REBUG 3.55.3 or CFW kmeaw 3.55. Both are most stable CFW. you will be able to use bluray-drive too. (little advise please check that your bluray drive is empty before doing anything).

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    princekheldar Guest
    Is there any advantage to one of them over the other? Any difference in features or capabilities? I'm really trying to understand why there are so many different CFWs. There's gotta be differences right?

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    Arched Guest
    Overall they're largely the same. The only major difference is that Rebug has the ability to use dev settings and such. One of the more popular ones being Fake Save Data Owner, which lets you use any save data from any owner. If you don't feel like you'd need such things, it's fine to just stick with Kmeaw. Either way though you'll need to get patches for games that require FWs past 3.55, but that's not really all that hard. Most popular games get patches quickly and such.

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    niwakun Guest
    3.55 CFW is stable but you might want to upgrade to 4.21 CFW (specifically REX 4.21, safest route) since most games that had weird issues like in Final Fantasy XIII-2 Saving bug is fixed there and with new PSP Remastered titles support and many more.

    Although the thing you had disadvantage in CFW 4.xx (yes all CFW that is in v4.xx) is you cant have 1 more USB HDD plugged in at the same time. But that's not a issue anyway rather than staying on 3.55 with latest games randomly crashing due to outdated 3.55 libraries. At least all new games today requires 3.72 libraries to make the fully work.

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    BluRay Guest
    3.55 CFWs can run newer games just fine, pretty sure you only get issues with the old fixes before we had the newer keys.

    CFW 4.xx not only is less stable and have lower homebrew compatibility (most works though), It also doesn't have a proper RSOD fix, so If you get RSOD with it, you'll need buy a flasher to downgrade back to 3.55 and fix It.

    Anyway, If you plan on getting 4.xx or 3.55, I'd recomend you to use Rebug CFW, they're very trustworthy and only release groundbreaking well tested CFWs, even If you won't use most of It's features I'd say It's worth It.

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    princekheldar Guest
    It doesn't sound like I'll need to go beyond 3.55, plus that keeps me at a point where I know I can upgrade if something groundbreaking and revolutionary comes along in the future.

    I'll check out Rebug. Thanks!!

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