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Thread: Upgrading PS3 Hard Drive and CFW help?

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    dominuss Guest

    Upgrading PS3 Hard Drive and CFW help?


    I thought it was just a passerby question with simple answers, but I was instructed to open a thread here so ...

    I want to replace the hard drive on my CECH-2004A 120gb with Rogero 4.55CFW with a 500gb one and Habib 4.60

    My request is - would someone be willing to give me a play by play so that I don't screw my ps3?
    Right now most of the games don't work, and that's why I decided to replace the CFW.



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    misiozol Guest
    Format usb drive , place CFW Rogero 4.55 on it (currently installed on your console) make sure it's not fake by checking check sum provided with any release

    1. Replace HDD with new one in your console
    2. Start up a console it will format your hdd , console will prompt you about update and ask u to put USB with one , insert that you have prepared with rogero 4.55
    3. After your console is working with NEW HDD on rogero 4.55 proceed to update habib4.60 (not best choice in my opinion) , go to safe mode and update console to new CFW.

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    dominuss Guest
    Thank you for the quick response! What do I need to backup from the old drive? I mean trophies and stuff. And would you recommend I stick with Rogero 4.55?

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    misiozol Guest
    You can backup all the data or what you just need like saves , personal data etc. using file manager or just use FTP.

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    dominuss Guest
    One last thing - Rogero or Habib? I mean with Rogero I won't have axx to PSN , am I correct?

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    misiozol Guest
    You will have access with any modern CFW as it can be spoofed to currently used OFW on PSN , but is is safe to use PSN on CFW that is completely different story. You do have more options than those 2 but if I had to chose I would chose rebug, rogero and everything else

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    dominuss Guest
    Thank you, I suppose I'll stick to Rogero at first and see how it goes. I'll update here once I go with the upgrade.

    Oh btw - would you recommend using Reactpsn ?

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    misiozol Guest
    Yes, it's very useful tool

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