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    Upgrading PS3 CFW 3.55 and what to move to?

    Hey all,

    I am currently running an NTSC launch 20gb PS3 with Kmeaw 3.55 CFW. I installed it when it first came out and have been able to run all games I have wanted via multiman and using 3.55 modified eboots where necessary.

    Now I am curious to know of the major benefits of upgrading to a more recent CFW and what implications that will have on what I'm running at the moment and for that matter what new CFW to choose.

    All thoughts and advice would be greatfully recieved.



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    The benefit is that you will be able to play newer games requiring higher firmware without the need to modify any eboots. I don't know if you modify the eboots yourself or if you search for them, but I would think it is going to become harder to find them the further we get away from 3.55. You will be able to play online, albeit with a risk of being banned. I am currently on Rogero 4.30 and have had no issues, and will be updating to Rogero 4.40.

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    Games like Ni No Kuni and no doubt numerous other games have not been patched for 3.55, and I doubt they will, so moving to a higher CFW, means no longer having to wait for patched eboots, just download, install and play.

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    Thanks for the responses guys, so far Rogero seems to be the one that has been mentioned. If I go with this will I need to reedit my current eboots or will everything still be OK? I appreciate I will need to update multiman etc.


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    Hi, I moved last week from kmeaw3.55 to rogero 4.3 v2.5... so far so good no major issues... If you prefer to be simple and don't require more options Rogero is the one, but I heard Rebug has got many features which I generally dont use.


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    I went with Rebug, as it had more recommendations, and so far, it's worked out brilliantly.

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    I would recommend Rebug rather than Rogero, here's a guide on how to install it:

    1- Make NOR/NAND dump (optional):

    Install latest version of multiMAN (4.30.00), plug in a FAT32 formatted USB flash drive into the right USB port, launch multiMAN under Games and go to mmOS > Press [O] on any file > Open in HEX viewer > Press [SELECT] > Press [START] > Export GameOS LV2: Select No > Export HV LV1: Select No > Export FLASH: Select Yes

    2- Install Rebug 4.30.2 from XMB:

    Download Rebug 4.30.2, verify the md5 hash, rename the PUP to PS3UPDAT.PUP and put it on your FAT32 formatted flash drive in PS3\UPDATE and go to System Update and Update via Storage Media. Make sure there's no original game disk in the drive and that you don't Update via Internet or else you would risk installing OFW higher than 3.55!

    3- Install Rebug Update Package 0.1:

    Download Rebug_Update_Package_0.1_4.30.x.pkg, verify the md5 hash, install it from Package Manager, launch it under Games, follow the on screen prompts, the screen will freeze for a while when you press Yes, do NOT force shut down your PS3 at this stage or else you will get a nice and shiny RSOD! Just be patient and wait for it to finish what it's doing, it will reboot if needed when finished. Once the PS3 has rebooted you can delete Rebug Update Package from your XMB as it is not needed.

    4- Enable QA and spoof to 4.40:

    Install Rebug Toolbox from Package Manager, launch it under Games, go to Utilities and enable QA. This is to ensure easier and safer downgrading. Now go to Selector and change System Mode to Rebug, this will spoof to 4.40 to prevent accidental updates and allow PSN access. You can also change XMB Operation Mode to Retail and Debug Menu Type to CEX QA to ensure you have the Retail menus instead of the Debug menus which you probably won't need.

    If you had patched new games to run on 3.55, you have to unpatch them by restoring the original unpatched files and/or installing the latest original unpatched game updates.

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    Your benefit is playing newer games with out fixing E-BOOTS or params, homebrew apps you've had previously can be resigned to run on newer firmware, however the only one that can be run on new firmware is code unique... I suggest you update your system with rebug rex 4.31 which gives you the option to downgrade back to 3.55 with or with out qa enabled...

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    Cheers for all the help guys it is greatly appreciated. Looks like it will be rebug that will be going on this Saturday.

    Thanks again

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