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Thread: Upgrading my PS3Break 1.1 help?

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    seanyong Guest

    Question Upgrading my PS3Break 1.1 help?


    i was trying to upgrade my PS3Break 1.1 with the original PS3Break Loader and new Hex for PSN, but the PS3Break Loader doesn't even start, no matter if my PS3 key in in the com, in Upgrade mode or not,, but as i understand the key doesn't have to be in for the program to start...

    I did install the Dotnefix and Vcredist..... and i get the same answer... i click the program but nothing happens...

    Any kind of help would be appreciated!

    Regards, Sean!

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Get off the case and tell us which number is written of your board.

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    phantom1999 Guest
    more than likely its a fake, as i have v1.0 and it does the same thing and mine is a fake..

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    seanyong Guest
    I don't know how to open it and i don't want to break it. It seems original as i checked the box and scratched the code on the truth inquiry and it said that it's OK. Some help with openning the case please.

    Regards, 0xide!

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Here you can see how to open it without break it (

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    Krisdog Guest
    That upgrade button is hard as Chinese arithmetic to put back together, if the [0] metal piece is bent slightly. I mean it is HARD to get it back correct. FYI Don't disassemble unless necessary, and I don't see any reason to take a PS3break apart? I'm just saying!

    Quoting PS3break, 'Upgradable yes!" No not "yes" Only PS3Break's update release they posted on there website, upgraded it and allowed disk-less play. If it aint broke don't fix it. If you want to flash the newest payloads you will have to invest in a new dongle or mod chip. And I'm just being honest. Good luck

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    seanyong Guest
    Ok let me clarify what actually my problem is... The software that PS3Break provides (Ps3break loader) for flashing doesn't start on my windows 7 32bit and the software should start no matter the dongle as i understand... the explnation is that you can insert the dongle after the software is ran.

    So that's what my problem is.. it's NOT that the software doesnt recognize my dongle, it's that software doesn't want to run.. I'm trying to flash it with original Loader and Hex.. so if my dongle is original which i think it is it sould work, but it doesn't start..

    Regards, 0xide!

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Right Click + Run as Administrator. Try that.

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    seanyong Guest
    Thanks for trying guys, but i've made it work, i had to do it on my other computer, i didn't try before 'cuz it's kinnda broken, but it went smoothly and i updated to 1.7 version that came out today i think... Th dongle is an original...

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