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Thread: upgrading my ps3 fat and slim harddrives help?

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    Aussiegamer Guest

    upgrading my ps3 fat and slim harddrives help?

    hello everyone, i hope there is someone who can help here. i am trying to upgrade my harddrives in my ps3's to a larger size but cannot seem to get it to work. each time i try it says that the system cannot be started correctly. i have put a new drive in and it has been formatted to be compatible as fat32.

    i have connected a usb drive with the correct firmware but system says there is no compatible data..

    is it possible that a jailbroken ps3 will not start correctly if you try to upgrade the harddrive?

    can someone please help?

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    If it's from the initial PS3 Firmware 3.41 release you may want to read HERE, since then Sony reissued PS3 Firmware 3.41 to fix the HDD issues though.

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    JedTanner Guest
    Also make sure your USB drive is formatted with FAT32 and the firmware (3.41) is placed in the proper folder (in this case within PS3\UPDATE).

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    Aussiegamer Guest
    Hey thanks for you help. the info you gave me certainly did help in figuring out how to do all of this. have now successfully upgraded to a bigger harddrive.

    thank you

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