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    [UnAnswered] Is upgrading to firmware 1.51 recommended?

    With this ISO loader supposedly on the horizon should I upgrade my firmware (It's currently at 1.32). I want to play some resistance online but I don't wanna be one of the unfortunate people who has too high of firmware if the loader comes out.

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    Mar 2006
    I suggest you wait until the loader comes out and refrain from updating. It's a just a matter of a few weeks. By then, who knows, maybe we'll see support for FW v1.50+ for it.

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    Yep, at this point (officially) Paradox have only confirmed up to v1.32 as working with theirs. I'd also recommend waiting until we have further confirmation... or just upgrade and hope for the best I guess!

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    i have no problem sticking with 1.32, i'm not really big on playing online.

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