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Thread: Upgrading a 3.41 fw slim PS3 help?

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    anyone3003 Guest

    Question Upgrading a 3.41 fw slim PS3 help?

    i wanna upgrade my old fw to the lastest fw i read in the forums REBUG 4.41.2 is the way to go isn't it? and can i downgrade later without any new hardware (flasher, etc) to 3.55 or 3.41 for example but when i searchedi saw 4.41.2 Lite is it the same ?

    and how i know the dex from the cex ones i saw some download links but it said for dex i have retail console so i need cex fw right? also i was always from ps3 for a lot so i wanna know 4.41.2 is better than 3.55 right ?cuz no patched eboots and stuff and better compatibility what about no disc compatibility ?

    also should i upgrade 3.41 cfw to 3.55 ofw then 3.55 cfw then to rebug 4.41.2 directly? or 3.41 cfw to 4.41.2 direct?

    the base fw was like 3.40 or lower and i upgraded it to 3.41 cfw so no downgrade was done before, also can you point me to correct link for rebug 4.41.2 cfw for cex i don't wanna brick my only ps3

    sorry for long post but i wanted to jam all the info i got
    thx in advance

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    JeoWay Guest
    First off, since your on 3.41 OFW, update your console to 3.55 OFW! I do recommend Rebug, however the Rebug lite version is best if you want homebrew, multiMAN, and a few other cool features. Now, before you install ANY CFW, Toggle QA. Use Rebug Toolbox if you must.

    Do not go into factory service mode. In most cases, you can update from a 3.55 CFW to a Rebug CFW with QA. But since your doing it from OFW, Toggle QA and just install it.

    If you are on a 4.XX CFW, you will be able to downgrade back to your original firmware, BUT you can only downgrade as far as your base firmware goes. If you happen to brick your console, you will need a hardware flasher.

    Also, I recommend using Homebrew OFFLINE! Except for multiMAN STEALTH!

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    anyone3003 Guest
    thx for your response i forgot to mention that i am already on hermes 3.41 cfw what should i go from there? toggle qa is a pkg that i install and then do the combo L1+L2+L3+R1+R2+DPAD DOWN Right? also the rebug lite link you posted contain Rebug 4.41.1 LITE EDITION and Rebug 4.30.2 D-REX Edition this is new cfw right ? is that tested and safe?

    also Rebug 4.41.1 LITE EDITION is for CEX ? and Rebug 4.30.2 D-REX Edition for DEX? no way there is a Rebug 4.41.1 LITE EDITION for dex? just wanna be sure, you mention rebug toolbox for QA or just the pkg i described do the trick? if not is there a tut for that rebug tool box so i dont mess it up?

    as for homebrew i always use it offline


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    JeoWay Guest
    Yes the Rebug Lite Firmware is surely safe. I recommend toggling QA, and updating to Rebug Lite. The Rebug Toolbox is actually pretty straight forward and says exactly what it does on screen.

    Rebug Lite Edition can be installed on CEX but it basically makes your console considered DEX. (Dont worry, its not actual DEX. Just DEX type settings). Your basically running a CEX&DEX console at once when on Rebug.

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    anyone3003 Guest
    thx can you toggle qa in 3.41 cfw? or u must go to 3.55 ofw then rebug 3.55.4 cfw and enable qa then go to 4.41.2 cfw?

    or just 3.41cfw>3.55.4 rebug direct then enable qa then > rebug 4.41.2 lite ???

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    JeoWay Guest
    I would personally do this:

    Install 3.55 OFW > Install 3.55 Rebug (any) > Toggle QA using Rebug Toolbox > Download Rebug Lite Edition (4.XX) > Install Rebug Lite Edition 4.XX > Happy homebrewing!

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    anyone3003 Guest
    thx a lot, one thing left.. i can't find any trusted links for 3.55 OFW and 3.55 Rebug i already donwloaded 4.41.2 rebug but no working links i found for other firmwares (3.55 OFW and 3.55 Rebug)

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    JeoWay Guest

    Post I can fix your minor problem ;)

    Go to the download section of PS3News and you should find the 3.55 OFW

    You can basically use any CFW on 3.55 to use Rebug Toolbox and update from.

    Here is my CFW if you want to use it to install Rebug 4.xx:

    Also, if your wondering what it means by ";fix", my initial release on it back somewhere in 2010 came with an internet bug that blocked the connections. This was resolved earlier in 2011. The nas_plugin has now been fixed properly and is working fine now along with multiMAN support.

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    anyone3003 Guest
    ok got 3.55 ofw can i just go to 4.41.2 or i must install cfw 3.55 will kmeaw work and install rebug toolbox over it?

    or what i hear you can enable QA after upgrading to 4.41.2?

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    JeoWay Guest
    Yes, install a 3.55 CFW, and then Toggle QA using Rebug Toolbox. Toggle QA before going to 4.XX. After you toggle QA then you can update straight from the firmware your currently on to Rebug Lite (or whatever cfw your going to)

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