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Thread: Upgraded to Sony official PS3 Firmware help?

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    patte88 Guest

    Upgraded to Sony official PS3 Firmware help?

    So after having my ps3 jailbroken for a year i finaly decided to upgrade it and play some online

    the problem is i only have the 40 gb disk in and i noticed that i have 10gb/37gb free wich means 27 gb should be used rigth ?

    so i check what games i have and what game data , game save , and after checking it out it adds up to around 10gb atmost (dont have any music and videos..) and that consist of 2 games

    so i got to thinking maybe the files for the games i hade when i ran kmeaw 3.55 and stored games on the internal are still there.. ?
    and then how do i remove it when i dont have any filemanager or ftp program as it is on official? what should i do? and dont say buy bigger hdd..

    thx for help // Patrik

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    JimKi Guest
    Hello patte88, simply format your HDD and you will get free space and remove whatever can be on the HDD.

    Make a backup of your games' saves before performing the format. You can redownload the official games you have on the PSN afterwards.

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    patte88 Guest
    ok here comes the funny part, when i was on the hacked fw i had some games installed on the internal disk and yes most of them stopped working when i upgraded but some of them actually still works on the newest firmware (Dungeon Hunter Alliance , HORD) don't know how or why thy work they just do but most other games got the error when i tried to start them, so i'm afraid i will lose there games if i format even though i backup as i did not buy them

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    mschumacher69 Guest
    You're talking about PSN games right? Because there's no way to load backups on OFW because multiMAN would not start!

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    SpOut Guest
    that's right

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    mschumacher69 Guest
    Yes PSN games that don't have patched eboots would still work.

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