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Thread: Upgraded bad PS3 HDD and system will not update?

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    nolimit06 Guest

    Angry Upgraded bad PS3 HDD and system will not update?

    Hey guys I am new here but have been surfing the site for sometime now and finally registered. Anyways here is my problem as well as many other people, I have installed a new hard drive in my PS3 which was running 3.56 v1 and my original hard drive crashed.

    When I installed the new hard drive and entered safe mode mode it asks for the update which I have on my USB flash drive in the proper folder structure. It keeps telling me that the data is corrupted and from what I have read only 3.56 v2 is now available.

    What can I do to fix this because right now I have a nice black paper weight on my hands with 50 plus blu rays and no way to watch them. I am open to any solutions you guys have thanks in advance!!! I have a Slim model btw. And I am also in the US.

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    Realee Guest
    It's possible during the transfer (Either over the internet to the computer or computer to the USB) the file has become corrupt.

    I would download a new copy of the latest firmware from the playstation website and check the MD5 to ensure it's the right version then put that in the folder structure (X:/PS3/UPDATE/PS3UPDATE.PUP)

    When you install a new hard drive, you only need to power the machine on normally (not safe mode) and the PS3 will prompt you through setting up the drive automatically.

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    nolimit06 Guest
    I will give it a shot again but according to the official forums this is a big problem and it does not seem that you are able to downgrade or do anything about it other than paying Sony $150 for them to fix it. I will report back.

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    SinnerShanky Guest
    yes.. power on normally and remember that it's PS3UPDAT.PUP not PS3UPDATE.PUP i guess it was a typo...!

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    Realee Guest
    Whoops, yes! PS3UPDAT 8 characters

    (Mind you, doing this from work - no PS3 access makes it a bit harder )

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    nolimit06 Guest
    Everything is correct, file structure, downloaded the most current file from (I think I need v1 not the fixed one) I need access to the downloads so I can get the version before the rereleased 3.56 to try and I think thats why I am having this issue. I am just at a loss at this point and very upset, I have done this one time before without any issue but the 3.56 just seems to be a pain for some reason.

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    Realee Guest
    When setting up a new drive it needs the current version OR HIGHER.

    Unless there's something in 3.56 that screws this kind of setup - I would have to let one of the other members here delve into that as I'm not in front of my PS3 for testing.

    But it seems there's a bug in 3.56 that prevents HDD upgrades.

    It might need to go to a repair centre?

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    nolimit06 Guest
    How long does it take to get access to download the firmware files on this site? I want to try using the original 3.56 instead of the "fixed" version to see if that helps with my problem.

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    severusx Guest
    There is no way to fix that problem. 3.56 v1 will not allow you to install a new HD. 3.56 v2 fixed the bug but as I understand it you have to install it before installing a new HD in you PS3. If you don't have the working original HD there isn't a way to update to 3.56 v2 before installing the new drive. Sounds like a trip to Sony, although they should cover it since it was their bug.

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    matt101 Guest
    just phone em... tell em ps3 won't start... no matter what they say and they will swap it out with a refurb. if still in warranty it's not gonna cost you... good luck.

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